Sergio Rivero

I was born in Mexico City and studied industrial engineering  in the Iberoamericana University but found my passion when l went to London to study photography in the London College of Printing and graduated from the British Institute of Professional Photography. I´ve been taking pictures for more than 35 years and have a publishing company specializing in editing coffee table books mainly with my pictures.

I´ve been teaching photography for more than 30 years at high school level in a school named Bachillerato Alexander Bain in Mexico City. There, I organize trips throughout Mexico and the world with teenagers with the only purpose of sharing my passion for wildlife photography and making them understand the importance of keeping our world safe and clean.

Today I´ve traded all those years of shooting sports and portraits for magazines and cd covers, agencies, and direct clients, for the pleasure of being in touch with nature, shooting wildlife photography. Searching for a special specie, learning where they live, how they move and when they will be available or approachable, has become a challenge that I want to continue to grasp. I enjoy the lost places with no people around, waking up before sunrise to catch the right light, and hiding behind my lens figuring out what the perfect angle might be.