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wild life

After more than 30 years shooting sports and people, Wildlife photography has conquered my heart and my soul. The whole experience of planning, getting to a certain place, hiding, waiting, getting frustrated, trying again and again, admiring and finally photographing, makes Wildlife Photography my very favorite one.


A huge island that posses singular creatures that became from Asia and stoped in Africa. Endemic species from a forgotten world.


The highest concentration of fauna in the New World are observed in this upside down umbrella-like flooded terrain.

Torres del Paine

Between Pumas and Guanacos, a total of 120 types of birds call home to Chile´s most impressive mountain range.


The World’s First National Park measures 2,219,789 acres. It is called the Serengeti of America because of his impressive wildlife and its 322 types of birds.


The huge diversity of wildlife that India holds, makes you wonder of how many times do you have to go back to get the right shot. You usually go for the Tiger, but they boast 1,366 bird species also.

The Southern most part of the Dark Continent presents us a high diversity of animals and birds. From Zambia, to Zimbabwe and South Africa, this vast land inspires you in unsuspected ways.