In spite of the huge territorial extension of Brazil, only 85 species of hummingbirds live there, and thirteen of them are endemic. Nevertheless, the beauty of some of them is amazing. Probably that is why they name them ruby, emerald, and sapphire, common names for this beautiful bird, in this tropical country.

1-Black Jacobin-port
1. Black Jacobin

Colibrí Negro

Especie Florisuga fusca

2 Brazilian Ruby-port
2. Brazilian Ruby

Colibrí Colirrojo

Especie Clytolaema rubricauda

3-Festive Coquette-port
3. Festive Coquette

Coqueta Verde

Especie Lophornis chalybeus

Gilded Hummingbird
4. Gilded Hummingbird

Zafiro Bronceado

Especie Hylocharis chrysura

5Glittering-bellied Emerald-port
5. Glittering-bellied Emerald

Esmeralda Ventridorada

Especie Chlorostilbon lucidus

6Glittering-throated Emerald-port
6. Glittering-throated Emerald

Diamante de Cabeza Parda

Especie Chionomesa fimbriata

7Green-crowned Plovercrest-port
7. Green-crowned Plovercrest

Colibrí de Copete Verde

Especie Stephanoxis lalandí

8 Reddish Hermit-port
8. Reddish Hermit

Ermitaño Rojizo

Especie Phaethornis ruber

9Sapphire-spangled Emerald-port
9. Sapphire-spangled Emerald

Picaflor Pecho Azul

Especie Chionomesa lacteal

Saw-billed Hermit
10. Saw-billed Hermit

Ermitaño Picosierra

Especie Ramphodon naevius

11Sombre Hummingbird-port
11. Sombre Hummingbird

Colibrí Apagado

Especie Eupetomena cirrochloris

Especie Eupetomena macroura

Versicolored Emerald
13.Versicolored Emerald

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Violet-capped Woodnynph
14.Violet-capped Woodnynph

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White-chinned Sapphire
15.White-chinned Sapphire

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